Compressors and Pumps

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Required our Assistance for?

  •   Minor Overhaul, Major Overhaul.
  •   Boroscope testing.
  •   Plant Auxiliaries.
  •   Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis.
  •   Rotor Balancing.
  •   Non Destructive Testing.

Environment, Health and Safety Policy

  •   Reducing our impact on the internal and external environment through       environmental focus.
  •   Complying with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  •   Giving high priority to health and safety in the daily management, thus ensuring       health and safety for employees in their daily work.
  •   Involving employees in the daily health and safety management in a positive       manner, thus creating awareness and responsibility for their own health and       safety.
  •   Planning and executing work in a manner which results in zero harm to either       people or the environment.